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Episode 1 – Two Straight Allies

Welcome to the first episode of the At The End Of The Day Podcast. 

We want to open and foster a conversation about the LGBT friends we love and the church we want to be.

This podcast will be about asking questions that most people don’t feel safe asking.

Kevin and Tim introduce themselves and talk about how their hearts have changed from their fundamentalist beliefs and why this conversation is important to talk about.

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  • tom on May 16, 2015

    I think Pastor Tim’s compassion towards LGBT people is admirable and Christian. But Im wary of how he seems to downplay Scripture. He says we don’t follow the Bible literally on slavery or the role of women, and he implies that we should consider the same approach when it comes to homosexuality. Well, the Bible presents apparently conflicting perspectives on the role of women, so that one is not straight-forward. And it’s true that the Bible when read literally, does condone slavery. But the Bible does not require us to practise slavery. So a Christian who does not practise slavery, is not in violation of the Bible. But a Christian who engages in homosexual sex does violate what the Bible teaches. My Bible states that those who engage in homosexual sex will not go to heaven (1 Cor 6 – NIV). That’s serious. Kudos to Pastor Tim for his compassion, but Im wary that he actually leads people beyond Christian love and actually away from Christian teaching.

    • Kevin O'Brien on May 18, 2015

      Tom, thanks for your comments! We plan on a follow-up episode for this content, and will bring these thoughts up for sure.

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