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Monthly Archives: October 2014

At The End Of The Day: I May Be A Hypocrite

It was three months ago when my wife and I drafted the “O’Brien Family Statement.” This document took a week to put together and was our coming out letter to those closest to us. Not that we’re gay, but that we have spent the past few years studying, listening, and praying, and that our attitude […]

Sharing the Love

For the next few days I’ll be in a dark room, surrounded by filmmakers and film fans, being inspired by those who have done what I’m working towards: a feature film. I’m at the Orlando Film Festival. I got in because of my short film, but I’m really here to get the word out about At […]

The Day After the Launch

Yesterday we launched the website! I finally had the freedom to tell everyone about our project, what it’s about, and why I’m doing it. It has been great hearing the positive feedback and excitement over the project. So many people on board and sharing the site. A few of them even surprised me (maybe they didn’t […]

Going Public

In about 20 hours I’ll send a facebook post to all my friends, coming out with this project and all it entails. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of momentum, and I really haven’t had a chance to think about how it will be received. I have seen nothing but support and love for […]

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