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Monthly Archives: January 2015

First Table Read = Awesome

I have awesome friends. These friends took hours out of their week to read, rehearse, and listen to this screenplay I wrote. A table read is hardly an idea way to experience a story. It involved listening to nine actors read scene direction and lines for 30+ characters, from a document that isn’t intended to be […]

The Question That Compelled Us (Would We Have?)

Racism has never been an issue for me. I grew up in a family where people were people, no matter their color or place of origin. Racism was a thing I read about in history books. It was just a matter of time before we elected a black president.   Then my wife Teresa and […]

Wear The Love!!!

There’s this phrase that’s been a part of this film from the very beginning: This Is The Gay The Lord Has Made It was one of the compelling forces for me in the very early stages of story outlining. And I thought there was no better way to start a campaign than to sell a […]

Great Things Are Happening

I haven’t written about the film in a month or so, but that doesn’t mean that an incredible amount of work hasn’t been going on. It mainly means there are only so many times I can post something about me working on the script before you all get fed up with me, so here’s a […]

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