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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Episode 14 – The Stories and the Screenplay

We hear a bit of the story’s inspiration and even a few scenes from the table read a few months back. Our Kickstarter is LIVE! Click to watch our trailer! Join the conversation: Send us a question (or ask it anonymously) Kevin on Twitter Tim on Twitter The film on Twitter The film on Facebook

Episode 13 – Inside Out Faith with Jennifer Knapp

We talk with Jennifer Knapp, and Kevin does a terrible job hiding his excitement. Once he calms down, we are able to talk about Jennifer’s coming out in Christian music, the importance of a church community, and the best way to start conversations. Our Kickstarter is LIVE! Click to watch our trailer! Links from the conversation: […]

Tonight I Kick Fear In The Face

This is the day! This is the day I don’t let fear win. Over the past year, I’ve done a lot of things that I was afraid of: saying out loud I want to make a feature length film, saying out loud I’m an LGBT ally, making my film about LGBT tensions, writing that screenplay, […]

Episode 12 – Trans* 101 with Alex McNeill

We speak with Alex McNeill, the first openly transgender leader of a mainline protestant organization. We get a beginners course in Trans*, learn some terms, and hear Alex’s story. Links from the conversation: Follow Alex on Twitter Learn about the Documentary Out Of Order More Light Prebyterians Join the conversation: Send us a question (or ask […]

Episode 11 – The Gay vs. Christian Debate with Justin Lee

We speak with Justin Lee, founder of The Gay Christian Network and author of Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gay vs. Christian Debate. Justin has long been in this discussion and shares his perspective on the conversation, where the Church is headed, and the latest on LiveLoveOut. Links from the conversation: Torn on Amazon Justin’s Blog […]

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