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Monthly Archives: June 2015

I Don’t Have Pride In My Faith

This weekend I had the honor of being one of the speakers at the “Pride in Faith” worship gathering, capping off “Polk Pride” my rather conservative county’s first ever pride event! Here’s what I said: I am grossly under-qualified to speak today about pride in faith. First of all, I’m straight. I’m a straight, white, cisgender […]

Episode 17 – Celibacy as a Calling with Lindsey and Sarah

We talk with Lindsey and Sarah, a celibate, LGBT, Christian couple. They blog together at We chat about celibacy, vocation, misconceptions, and what’s wrong and right about the LGBT / Christian conversation. Links from the conversation: Read A Queer Calling’s Blog Follow Lindsey and Sarah on Twitter Like Lindsey and Sarah on Facebook Join the conversation: […]

It Sucks To Be A Christian LGBTQ Ally

It sucks to be a Christian LGBTQ ally. There are rules. Things you can’t say. Things you need to say. There are gender pronouns to learn. There are terms you need to know. Old terms you should avoid. There are questions you should ask. Questions you shouldn’t. There are times when you need to speak […]

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