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Post By: Kevin O'Brien

For Those Doing The Right Thing

I have been working on At The End Of The Day for a long time now, and often I get discouraged and frustrated. It’s been easy to think I am alone in my quest to make the world a more loving place, but that is simply not true. I wrote this for myself, but also […]

Orlando Tribute – #ForThe49 (Video)

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of the Orlando shootings at Pulse night club. That was a heart-wrenching week of questions, grief, and community. It also reminded us of why this film is important. Here in Lakeland (45 minutes from Orlando), a bunch of us got together to raise funds and hope for our Orlando […]

Orlando has Ignited a Fire

Dear friends, The past few weeks have been heartbreaking. Actually, that word is simply not strong enough. I don’t think our language has the word for it. So much loss, and fear, and ignorance, and LOVE. I have hesitated to post since because I didn’t want to seem I was trying to use that tragedy to gain […]

Dear Church, From A Recovering Homophobe

To my knowledge, I didn’t know any transgender people as I was growing up. In my youth group, one kid came out as gay. While I don’t remember saying anything to his face, I know I had negative thoughts and I’m sure I made jokes at his expense. I am deeply sorry for that. My […]

Episode 26 – How Do We Respond to Orlando?

We are back for Season 2 – quicker than anticipated. Tim and Kevin sat down with Pastor Pam Braid of Christ’s Promise United Church of Christ in Auburndale, FL. We talk about how we can move the conversation forward following Orlando’s tragedy – both as clergy and lay Christians. Links from the episode: Will Listen […]

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