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In the Middle of Editing

Hey there fantastic folks! It’s been almost 100 days since we wrapped production on the movie you helped bring to life: AT THE END OF THE DAY. I wanted to give you a quick update: I am in the middle of editing this movie and it’s turning out great. Literally in the middle. Today I […]

What It’s About

One of the first questions someone asks me when they find out I’m making a movie is: What’s it about? And sometimes, especially with At the End of the Day, that’s a hard question to answer. If I’m honest with myself, I make an instantaneous judgement of the person asking, based on what I know of them […]

Post Production Blues

Day 3 on our Post Production and I’m still trying to process our experience in filming At the End of the Day. I’ve been itching to write something, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it justice. I’m going to try. For a really long time, Kevin and I would remind each other […]


Didn’t you say you wanted to be in a movie? Here’s your chance! We are just days away from production – and there’s one thing we absolutely can’t make a quality movie without, quality extras! (Extras are all the people in the background of scenes in movies who make the scene look real – we […]

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