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An Ignorant Optimist

Two years ago, when marriage equality passed in the U-S-of-A, I was thrilled. It was a fantastic moment that so many of my friends had been working toward for so long – long before I was an LGBT advocate or even an ally. But I have to admit: there was an almost subconscious, very selfish […]

Dear Church, From A Recovering Homophobe

To my knowledge, I didn’t know any transgender people as I was growing up. In my youth group, one kid came out as gay. While I don’t remember saying anything to his face, I know I had negative thoughts and I’m sure I made jokes at his expense. I am deeply sorry for that. My […]

Lakeland Casting Call

From the beginning of this project, I wanted to film and cast from Lakeland. It’s what I know. It’s who I love. I want to highlight the beauty of Lakeland – not just the landscape or the architecture, but the people. So I’m inviting Lakelanders (and those in the general area) to audition for a […]

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