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I haven’t written about the film in a month or so, but that doesn’t mean that an incredible amount of work hasn’t been going on.

It mainly means there are only so many times I can post something about me working on the script before you all get fed up with me, so here’s a quick overview of what’s been happening in December:

Script Polishing
When I finished the first draft back in September, I remember thinking “there’s no way this can be better – it’s done!” Now, six drafts later, I am amazed at how much better the story (and ultimately the movie) has become. It’s painful to hear things that aren’t working, and painful to fix them, but so necessary.

I’ve connected with an attorney in Orlando who will be handling the finance and securities paperwork. It’s a rather large chunk of change up front, but we want to make sure all our legal ducks are in a row. We hold this process and the funds we will be collecting from investors as a very high responsibility.

Business Plan
The Business Plan is a 20-25 page document that explains what the project is, how much it will cost, how the film industry works, and what our plans for getting the investors’ money back (plus a potential profit). This was possibly more painful to write than the screenplay. So much to think through and figure out. I feel very confident in the document and the project. It’s one more obstacle hurdled.

Finding a Producer
As this is my first feature film, I knew from the beginning I wanted to bring on an experienced producer who has several films under his belt, and that guy is Philip Marlatt (Age of Reason, A Schizophrenic Love Story). He’s already proven to be huge asset to the project, and I’m so excited to have him on board. He gets the heart, comedy, and potential for this film, and that’s so important to me.

Casting List
One of the most exciting parts so far is compiling a cast palate – a list of actors who we will approach for the three main roles in the film. In just over a week or so we’ll reach out to our top list and see how the story is received. It’s a fun time to dream and imagine what this film would be like if we get all our top list (or really, anyone on this list).

Director of Photography
One of the key crew roles is the Director of Photography – the person who actually shoots the film. I’ve been connecting with a few of these talented people in the past weeks and we’ll see what happens.

Music Composer
This was actually my first attachment to the film, and who I’m most excited to work with. While I can’t announce who it is yet, I can tell you he is a multi-grammy nominated musician whose music I have felt a deeply emotional and spiritual connection with for years. So. Very. Excited!

So, that’s been quite a month.

You can expect more regular posts from me about the film and its progress.

And I’m sure you’re thinking: Kevin, you’re so busy, what can I do to help?

Well, the biggest way you can help right now is spreading the word:

That’s really all I can ask. For now…

Keep loving like the rules we made up don’t matter!

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