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On Level Ground Art + Film Festival

  • February 28, 2015
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I’m in LA this weekend to attend the Family Equality Council’s Award Dinner tonight. Yes, I bought my own ticket. But I’ll get to meet some awesome people who have been doing great work for LGBT families long before I gave it a first thought.

So, being an opportunist, I planned the trip to get out here a few days early, hoping to set up a meeting with potential distributors or sales agents.

No such meeting happened. Something better did!

The day before I flew out here I was asked if I would be attending Level Ground Festival. Level Ground uses art to create safe space for dialogue about faith, gender, and sexuality.

And it was this weekend!

What? Are you kidding me? So a film festival that discusses gender, sexuality and faith is happening the same single weekend I’ll be in town all weekend long with nothing to do?

WOW! So I went for the past two nights, and it’s been such a great experience. Between the people I’ve met, the films I’ve seen (like the new documentary “Give Me Sex Jesus” – about the Purity movement in the 90’s), I could not have planned this better.

I met a few people who I followed on twitter but didn’t know in person.

At one session I realized I was sitting in front of Wendy Gritter, author of “Generous Spaciousness”. I had already scheduled her to be a guest on the podcast this coming Monday, and here we were, sitting by each other in LA.

I also connected with Alan Chambers – who actually lives 30 minutes from me in Central Florida. We’d been missing each other for coffee over the past few months. Then I read that he is at the festival for a special interview about his closingof Exodus and how his beliefs have changed.

This was all so crazy.

But the best part about the weekend by far was just being around these awesome people and hearing their stories. And realizing in a real way that straight privilege is a real thing.  One spoken word piece was so moving about the tension and confusion this man has experienced his whole life. Tears flowed.

So, it has been a super weekend, and the main event is tonight. Can’t wait to meet some awesome people who are doing awesome work, encourage them, and see how I can help spread the love.

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