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An Ignorant Optimist

Two years ago, when marriage equality passed in the U-S-of-A, I was thrilled. It was a fantastic moment that so many of my friends had been working toward for so long – long before I was an LGBT advocate or even an ally. But I have to admit: there was an almost subconscious, very selfish […]

It Sucks To Be A Christian LGBTQ Ally

It sucks to be a Christian LGBTQ ally. There are rules. Things you can’t say. Things you need to say. There are gender pronouns to learn. There are terms you need to know. Old terms you should avoid. There are questions you should ask. Questions you shouldn’t. There are times when you need to speak […]

Episode 15 – From Ex-Gay to Pro-Gay with Tim Rymel

We talk with author, activist, and dad – Tim Rymel. Tim experienced “ex-gay” ministry as a participant and leader. We chat about his story, ex-gay ministries, and if change is (or should be) possible. Our Kickstarter is LIVE! See the trailer below! Links from the conversation: Follow Tim on Twitter Going Gay on Amazon The […]

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