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Wear The Love!!!

There’s this phrase that’s been a part of this film from the very beginning:

This Is The Gay The Lord Has Made

It was one of the compelling forces for me in the very early stages of story outlining.

And I thought there was no better way to start a campaign than to sell a shirt with this phrase.

Screenshot 2015-01-07 14.22.06So I designed this shirt at a company called TeeSpring – which let’s you promote a shirt without any upfront costs – they only make the shirts if they are profitable. It’s awesome.

So here’s how you can help:
1. Buy a shirt (for you and for a friend)
2. Share this website with others.
3. Tweet about this now.

Tweet: #WearTheLove You’ll love this new shirt “I Know A Gay The Lord Has Made” (via @endofthedayfilm)

We have 13 days to reach our goal of 50 shirts, and really the only way that can happen is if all our friends and followers share and join the campaign. Consider this a primer to a larger crowdfunding campaign we’ll do later in the year.

Thanks for being awesome!

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