In Part 2: Kevin and Tim continue to discuss the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality,focusing on specific responses – including Brian Houston’s (senior pastor of Hillsong NY) blog post “Do I Love Gay People?”. We discover that Kevin is not an investigative journalist, and how a few of our gay friends feel about the common church policy “All are welcome, but if you’re in a same-sex relationship you cannot be in leadership.”

We have 2 questions for you! (email us or answer anonymously)

  1. If you are a pastor/professor who is moving toward (or currently is) affirming, but unable to speak publicly about it because of leadership tensions for any reason, what is holding you back?
  2. If you are LGBTQ, how does a church’s policy of “all are welcome, but if you are in a same-sex relationship you cannot be in leadership” affect you emotional, spiritually, relationally?

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