Two years ago, when marriage equality passed in the U-S-of-A, I was thrilled.

It was a fantastic moment that so many of my friends had been working toward for so long – long before I was an LGBT advocate or even an ally.

But I have to admit: there was an almost subconscious, very selfish side of me that was sad. I thought that ruling meant the movie I’d been working on for two years was now obsolete, that the window for At the End of the Day to be an important part of the LGBT acceptance conversation in the Church was closing.

A few of my friends, friends who had been in this conversation way before I imagined it, told me it was far from over. But in my ignorant optimism, I was sure people’s hearts would follow.

And if there’s one thing this year, this week specifically, has taught me – is that I’m not alone in my ignorance. The comments, posts, and feedback I have seen to a tantrum “ban” of transgender people in the military has reminded me that there is so. much. ignorance out there.

And this isn’t the “bless her heart” kind of ignorance. It’s a blatant refusal to imagine there’s any other reality in the world. An out-right denial that new information is learned every day. There’s probably a word for that.

One of my favorite scenes in our movie involves one of the group members being confronted with ignorance and harsh language, and being reminded that there is so much more work to be done.

I think, in a way, I have been guilty of that. Even though I’m making a movie about it.

I’m tired of living in a dream world. I’m gonna speak up, and I’m gonna fight.

Thank you, Donald, for reminding me.

To my friends who are living in the questions, may you find courage to ask.

To my friends with no questions at all, may you find courage to find some.

To my friends who experienced unprecedented, unwarranted, and asinine rejection this week, may you know that you are not a burden. You are the light that has shown me what love looks like.

And may we all listen with an open heart – knowing that we’re all ignorant of other people’s experiences.

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