I have been working on At The End Of The Day for a long time now, and often I get discouraged and frustrated. It’s been easy to think I am alone in my quest to make the world a more loving place, but that is simply not true.

I wrote this for myself, but also for the scores of other amazing people who are doing their right thing – often at great personal cost.

Doing the right thing can be tiresome.

Doing the right thing doesn’t come with the romanticized “happily ever after.”

Doing the right thing often involves leaving a job or moving to a new place or risking relationships or speaking truths others are blinded to.

Doing the right thing is not a one-time decision.

Doing the right thing is an every-moment of everyday decision.

Because the fear and doubt find a way to remind you every single day.

To remind you that you don’t know enough.

                              You’re not talented enough.

                                   You’re not doing enough.

                                    You’re not good enough.

                                              You’re not enough.

There is no shortage of lies that bombard those who do the right thing:

If I was doing the right thing it wouldn’t be so hard.

If I was doing the right thing, more people would support me.

If I was doing the right thing, so many people wouldn’t misinterpret my motives.

If I was doing the right thing, my income would not be a point of stress.

If I was doing the right thing, I wouldn’t feel so unqualified.

But the more people I meet who are doing the right thing, the more I realize these lies are universal. These lies are evil cloaked in logic.

For all of you fantastic souls doing your right thing:

Keep going!

Don’t quit!

Don’t listen to the lies! No matter how loud or constant or believable or logical they seem.

You didn’t do the right thing because you wanted security or support or an easy life.

You did the right thing because it’s the right thing – and because you are the best kind of human.

You’re the kind of human who resists the comfortable life for the true life.

You’re the kind of human who steps up when another can’t.

For all the voices that whisper disapproval or scream in opposition to your right thing, there are scores more watching, silently grateful for your sacrifice.

Keep going.

You’re a world changer even if you change one person’s world.

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