It’s been quite a summer, with two festivals down, and four more festivals in the next few weeks!

Festivals are awesome for the film, as it gives people a chance to see and get behind the movie, but what about if we’re not coming to a festival near you? After all, you’ve been a fan from the beginning, and it’s only right that you can sit in a real-life movie theater with your friends to watch the movie you’ve been following for so long!

Well, we have your answer in TUGG! Tugg is a “cinema-on-demand” service in which you can sign up to bring “At the End of the Day” to your city or town! Tugg has partnerships with major theater chains and private screens across the country. Once we’re all set up, you can sign up on their website, and together we work to presell enough tickets to break even (usually around 75 tickets).

Or, maybe you have a support group, school, or church facility and just want to show it in your own location – we have ways to make that happen too!

Or, maybe you have an LGBTQ youth shelter you work with, and want to set up the evening as a fundraising event – guess what – TUGG has that all worked out as well!

Basically, if you want to bring our movie to your location, we can make it happen!

As we’re finishing up the details and working out all the kinks, be sure to fill out the form below – this is your best way to be notified when we are ready to go live. We’ll have all sorts of materials and directions to help you make this an amazing experience.

So, in the meantime, be sure to click the button below and let us know you’re interested. We’ll be in contact with you as soon as we’re ready!


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