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Ready to host a screening of AT THE END OF THE DAY?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve partnered with, which is a web-platform that helps individuals, groups and organizations to set up personalized movie screenings in theaters across the country.

The process is simple – you pick the time, place and date, and Tugg will reserve the theater and give you a personalized event page for your screening. Here’s the trick though – you need to pre-sell a certain amount of tickets in order for the event to be confirmed!

Please Note: If you are interested in hosting a screening of At the End of the Day at a church, community venue, or on campus, please visit our At the End of the Day Community Screenings page for more information and pricing.

Once you get your event page, it’s up to you to spread the word to your community and let folks know the event will only take place if enough tickets – the “threshold” – are reserved before a deadline. Once enough tickets are sold, your event will be confirmed and you can sit back and enjoy the show! If there aren’t enough tickets sold, then no one will be charged for the reservation and the screening will be called off.

We’ve created this resource kit to guide you through the process of hosting your screening. Begin with Step One, and follow the step-by-step instructions to maximize your promotional efforts and get the most out of your event! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Tugg team at

For more information
about hosting a screening of
At the End of the Day, please email


Step One: Setup Your Screening On Tugg:

1. To get started, you’ll need to fill out an Event Request Form, which you can do here – REQUEST AN EVENT.

2.  Getting Started – Setting Up Your Screening –For an in depth look at how to best set up your event and use your event as a fundraiser, take a look at this guide before filling out your request.  Also check out our General Overview document.

Step Two: Spreading The Word!

1.  An Introduction to Promoting Your Screening – Start by reading this guide, which will walk you through how to best reach out to your friends, family, and organizations via email, social media, and traditional outreach.

2. Tugg Tools – The folks at Tugg have created a number of tools to help you maximize your outreach efforts – read this to learn how to message your attendees and track the success of your outreach.

3. To help you along the way, we’ve created a few templates for your use:

Email Template – Friends and Family

Email Template – Organizations

Social Media Outreach Guide

Social Media Images

Creating Your Facebook Event Guide

Press Release Template

4. As your event’s campaign moves forward, be sure to update current and potential attendees with new information about your event and the film using the documents below:

Step Three: My Event is Confirmed! Now What?

1. Read through the Preparing For Your Event Guide, which will arm you with all the information you need for the day of the event.

Step Four: The Day of the Event?

1. The big day! Make sure you’ve reviewed everything in the Preparing For Your Event Checklist and follow the steps below to ensure a flawless screening.

2. Take a look at our Sample Event Introduction for ideas on what to include during your introduction prior to your screening.

3. Hand out Sign Up Sheets to collect the contact info of attendees. Email us the list you collected and we’ll take care of the rest.

4. Take a picture of you and your audience holding this “StartWithLove” sign (or make your own). After the event, email your photo to and we will share it on our social media platorms too!You can also tag it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram with #StartWithLove, @EndOfTheDayFilm, #TuggInc, or @TuggInc.

Step Five: After the Event

1. Once your event is complete, be sure to thank your attendees with the Follow Up Message Template. Encourage them to tell their friends about your event and the film.

2. Post a recap after your event on the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages – don’t forget to tag @EndoftheDayFilm and @TuggInc!

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