From the beginning of this project, I wanted to film and cast from Lakeland. It’s what I know. It’s who I love.

I want to highlight the beauty of Lakeland – not just the landscape or the architecture, but the people.

So I’m inviting Lakelanders (and those in the general area) to audition for a role in our film!

Here’s the deal: this movie is about love and acceptance. It’s about listening to the stories of others – and valuing their story as much as I value mine. The characters range in age, gender, orientations and color. It has been my plan from the beginning to cast gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons in those appropriate roles as much as possible. Not for any reason other than there are plenty of talented people who fit those descriptions. I don’t want to do the “brave straight actor who played a gay man” thing. I want to honor the trans community by finding an amazing trans woman to play the role of Erika.

And don’t worry, there are plenty of straight parts too :). So if you’re still with me, here are the details:

  • The open casting call will be held on Saturday, January 16th from 10am – 5pm.
  • Location: Lakeland TV (202 N Massachusetts Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801)
  • You can find the character breakdowns below.
  • Sides (scenes) will be available at the casting call.
  • Please bring a headshot if you have one – if not, no worries.
  • When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sign in and wait to be called
  • There’s no way of knowing what kind of turnout we’ll have so please be patient!


If you have any questions, please ask.

[DAVE] Male, Caucasian, early to mid 40s, beard. Lackluster conservative Christian counselor who has given up on life. He lives in certainty, is socially awkward, and prefers life to be in black and white. LEAD

[GORDON] Male, Caucasian, 60s. Dean at a Christian college. Dave’s mentor and boss. Confident, authoritative and conservative. He knows the truth and his way of loving is letting others know they are wrong. LEAD

[NATE] Male, any ethnicity, 19, closeted gay. Nate is troubled, quiet and inquisitive, trying to reconcile his conservative faith and his sexuality. He challenges Dave’s certainty in class. LEAD

[PATTY] Female, Caucasian, 60s. Dave’s Aunt. An eccentric shut-in who doesn’t play by society’s rules. Her off-beat wisdom pushes Dave to re-think his life. LEAD

[ERIKA] Trans-female, any ethnicity, 30s. Sassy and blunt. She’s turned her tragic history into positive energy. She’s the glue that keeps the support group together. STRONG SUPPORTING

[BRUCE] Male, Caucasian, 60s, gay. He is distinguished and speaks with elongated vowels. He loves men and gossip and is proud of both. Speaks his mind and air-quotes everything. STRONG SUPPORTING

[KYLE] Male, Caucasian, 18. Kind and innocent. He looks like he’s in middle school and questions his sexuality. He tries too hard to fit in to the LGBT support group, and they love him for it.STRONG SUPPORTING

[MARK] Male, Caucasian, early 30s, straight. He’s a well-groomed, well-dressed pastor, but doesn’t have the typical conservative anxiety. STRONG SUPPORTING

[ROSA] Female, Puerto Rican, early 40s, lesbian. She doesn’t ask for help, and cares mainly for her wife and daughter. She only attends the support group to show support for her wife, Gina. STRONG SUPPORTING

[GINA] Female, Caucasian, late 30s, lesbian. Her spiky hair doesn’t match her mom jeans. She gets sad when people get upset easily. She is overjoyed that her marriage is now considered legal across the country. STRONG SUPPORTING

[RICHARD] Male, African American, early 50s, gay. He’s slightly overweight and doesn’t own a shirt big enough for him. He speaks with the passion of a soulful preacher no matter what he’s saying. STRONG SUPPORTING

[FRANK] Male, Caucasian, mid 70s, straight and juvenile. He’s Patty’s friend with benefits, and has the same sense of humor as she does. He is radically inappropriate in public. STRONG SUPPORTING

[TAYLOR] Female, Any ethnicity, 19, straight. She is a by-the-book conservative. She has lived in a Christian bubble her whole life and doesn’t have any desire to leave it. SUPPORTING

[JUSTIN] Male, Any ethnicity, 19, straight. He has the maturity of a 7th grader, and sees a sexual joke in everything possible. SUPPORTING

[CHLOE] Female, Latino, 9. Rosa and Gina’s daughter. She’s too young to realize that having two mom’s is a-typical. SUPPORTING

[RAINBOW HAIR] Genderqueer, 18, pansexual. She’s carefree and speaks her mind with kindness. (multi-colored hair, piercings, tattoos) SUPPORTING

[BOUNCER] Male, 40s. Huge man you don’t want to mess with. SUPPORTING

[SERVER] Male, early 20s. Fit and well-groomed. A straight guy serving at a gay bar – he flirts with the guys for bigger tips. SUPPORTING

[ZEBRA TEEN 1] Genderqueer, 19. A social outcast whose parents rejected and now lives at an LGBT homeless youth shelter. SUPPORTING

[ZEBRA TEEN 2] Trans-male, 19. A social outcast whose parents rejected and now lives at an LGBT homeless youth shelter. SUPPORTING

[ZEBRA TEEN 3] Female, 21. A social outcast whose parents rejected and now lives at an LGBT homeless youth shelter. SUPPORTING

[ZEBRA TEEN 4] Male, 18. A social outcast whose parents rejected and now lives at an LGBT homeless youth shelter. SUPPORTING


[SCHOOL TEACHER] Male, 60s. Down-to-earth, kind-hearted. SUPPORTING

[MRS. WATERS] Female, 40s. Uptight and proper. SUPPORTING

[TEEN 1] Male, 18. Bullish and rude. SUPPORTING

[TEEN 2] Male, 18. Loud and obnoxious. SUPPORTING

[TEEN 3] Male, 18. Skinny and awkward. SUPPORTING

[NATE’S MOM] Female, 40s, same ethnicity as Nate. Caring and loving, but confused. So stuck in her religion that she can’t accept her son as gay. SUPPORTING

[NATE’S DAD] Male. 40s. Same ethnicity as Nate. Dominant. No-nonsense. Homophobic. Ashamed of his son’s sexuality. SUPPORTING

[CLERK] Female, 30s.  SUPPORTING

[CART PUSHER] Female, 70s. Petite, white-haired, and dry. She’s had this same boring job for her whole career.  SUPPORTING

[BUSINESSMAN] Male, 50s. Sharply dressed and confident. SUPPORTING

[SON] Male, 12. Innocent.  SUPPORTING

[MOM] Female, late 30s. Easily offended. SUPPORTING

[ASSISTANT] Female, early 20s. Professional. SUPPORTING

[CONSERVATIVE MAN] Male, 20s. Khakis and polo shirt. SUPPORTING


[BARTENDER] Male, 30s. Good looking. SUPPORTING

[WOMAN] Female, 20s. Smoking hot.  SUPPORTING


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