Day 3 on our Post Production and I’m still trying to process our experience in filming At the End of the Day. I’ve been itching to write something, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it justice. I’m going to try.

For a really long time, Kevin and I would remind each other (let’s be honest, it was usually me) that in the end we would have to be the ones to take the leap to make our dreams a reality. That at the end of the day (see what I did there), we had to START. And if that meant we started alone that was enough.

But the truth is we were not alone.

A week before we started filming I received the best advice from our mentor friend: “you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.” (um…gross, but you get the metaphor)
I took this phrase to heart and would diligently make a to-do list and “take one bite at a time” to get me through the day to not have an anxiety attack.

“Facing something down doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid of it, usually quite the opposite.”

The night before our first day shoot, our Director of Photography Brandon Hyde sent an email to Kevin that reminded us why we were going on this crazy ride and why it’s so important to work with people who believe and trust in you and vice versa. (Little did he know how loud I could be or how often I could walk in front of a camera – accidentally, of course!)

Volunteers – both friends and strangers – rose to the occasion and were the backbone to let us film successfully. We felt the love and generosity EVERY SINGLE DAY!

For 22 DAYS, our crew taught me a lot and were very gracious towards this newbie and encouraged me along the way.
Our cast – I feel like a proud momma when I think of them. They were perfect – they brought our characters to life and were meant to do so for their specific role – I believe we were meant to do this project TOGETHER.

They became family instantly and it was more than believable, it was MAGIC. (insert Kevin clapping here)

I understand now why Directors work with the same cast/crew over and over again.

I hate to admit this, but I have never worked so hard and dedicated so much time specifically to one project- I pushed myself past the limits I thought I could not mentally handle and proved daily that I always had more room to grow.
It was my joy to serve our team and this occasionally included multiple trips to get TheraFlu or find a special someone’s KEYS.

Sure, there were multiple times throughout the day that I would dream of DAY 23. And then our lead actor Stephen Martin and sound mixer Jason Henne would both encourage me and remind me that we were doing something bigger than ourselves and looking back they were right.

“For the moment, time was still, balanced on the cusp of night.”

I recently heard that there are a number of ways you can communicate in the world.
Transmission: you were taught this and now you are passing it along.
Translation: you have heard something and now you are giving it a story, metaphor, analogy, simile.
Transformation: witnessing to that which has done something to you.

I think that’s where I am at- this experience has brought a TRANSFORMATION in me. And my hope is that through my life you will see change. That you will be curious. Stay open. Nurture the humility it takes to admit you can get it wrong.

“Generally in times when we’re confronted with some new experience that doesn’t fit our previous categories, we will either dig in our heels and entrench, or we will break through to greater expansiveness, freedom, complexity, or inclusion…that’s the only way that growth happens. And so, celebrate it! Because it means the old is going and the new is coming.”

At the End of the Day, it’s up to you to make it happen.
I hope you keep shedding your light.

Love, Teresa

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