Yes, I finally did it! I set a date!

Production of At the End of the Day will begin on Monday, January 18, 2016!

And yes, that’s two days before my birthday. This means (when all goes as planned) I will celebrate my 36th birthday on the set of my first feature film! That’s pretty sweet.

So now there are so many details to start putting together, casting to begin, and paperwork to fill out.

And you fine folks have been so awesome between the Kickstarter, donations, support, encouragement, and sharing of the podcast.

And besides all the normal stresses of a feature film, we are only at about 25% of our production goal – and I need to call on you again.

If you have any connections who have the financial ability and the passion for bringing hope to LGBT youth experiencing homelessness, please tell them about our movie and tell me about them. An introduction could go a long way!

There are still three ways to contribute financially:

Donate directly to the FilmATEOTD Donate PageDirect

The easiest way to contribute is to donate to us through our paypal account. The funds come directly to us and will only be spent on the production, editing, or marketing of the film. CLICK HERE

ATEOTD Donate PageTaxDeductDonate (tax-deductible) through The Film Collaborative

We’ve partnered with The Film Collaborative to enable you to make tax-deductible donations to the film! Keep in mind they take a 5% admin fee, but the rest comes to us and can help you out too. CLICK HERE

ATEOTD Donate PageInvestInvest

If you (or someone you know) wants to make an investment in the film, please email me for more information. I can send you details and any information you need. We are selling 20 units at $10,000 each.


Every so often I need to be reminded of what I’m doing here, and I thought you might enjoy the trailer again, so here it is!

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