One of the first questions someone asks me when they find out I’m making a movie is: What’s it about?

And sometimes, especially with At the End of the Day, that’s a hard question to answer. If I’m honest with myself, I make an instantaneous judgement of the person asking, based on what I know of them and their world-view. My favorite, and safest, answer I gave was to a guy sitting on a bench in Munn park when we were filming there. I liked him being in the shot, but I need to ask his permission. When he asked what the movie’s about, I answered, “It’s about a college trying to buy some property.”

Certainly not the whole truth. And that’s the thing with question, especially about this movie: how much of the truth is this person ready to hear?

We had over 100 scenes in the movie, and even though I wrote it, there were some moments I forgot about. As we were filming one of the scenes between Dave and Aunt Patty, I was reminded of one scene that I feel really captures my heart for Christians who can’t accept LGBT folks because of what they’ve been told a sacred book says about “those people.”

I wanted to share a bit of that scene with you. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve written, and I hope people can get it.

What Its About

I wrote this movie for quite a few kinds of people: for those already out who faced rejection from the people who should have loved them, for those afraid to come out because of the potential rejection, for those who aren’t sure what to believe.

But I also wrote this movie for those who are tired of faking like they have the answers. For people who don’t understand much of scripture, but they know what it’s about.

Spoiler Alert: it’s about love. It’s about that you are enough. It’s about that there is nothing you can or have to do in order to gain some higher power’s approval. It’s about the constant reminder that we are not alone, and that who you are at your core is not something broken or infected or cursed, but beautiful and whole and loved.

Who have you loved today?


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