Why is a straight, Christian guy making a film about LGBT people?

The most heartbreaking truth is that 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT. And their homeless because their families, mainly religious, have kicked them out of their home. Rejecting them for some sexual or gender “otherness.”

My wife and I grew up being taught that “love the sinner, hate the sin” was a loving approach. But as we experienced the world we realized how hurtful that would be.

So we, my wife and I, asked ourselves, “If one of our kids came out, what would unconditional love look like in our family?” This sent us into years of research and asking questions, and listening to the answers.

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We’re still in the learning process, but one thing we are certain of: we had a lot of things wrong.

This film is about family, about love, about forgiveness. But ultimately “At the End of the Day” is about asking questions, and taking the time to listen to and honor the answers.

Take a second and put yourself in the shoes of an LGBT teen, who is trying to figure this all out.

They don’t have any explanation for their attraction. They don’t have answers to their questions.

To top it off, their parents or religious leaders are telling them that who they are at their core is broken in a way that no one else is.

So take a step. Ask questions. Be okay with uncomfortable.

I’ve heard it said that perfect love drives out all fear.

I think maybe it’s time we give that a try.

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